5 Ways to Deal With Bad Tenants in Pleasantville

Anyone who’s been a landlord for any length of item knows that headaches and hassles are simply part of the job description. And number-one among those headaches/hassles is problem tenants. For truly bad tenants in Pleasantville, eviction is always an option. But that can be a lengthy and expensive process, so it’s better to find … Continued

Build a House in Ossining or Buy an Existing One?

When anyone thinks about buying a new home, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. Typically, the biggest of those decisions is whether to build a house or buy an existing home. That’s usually not an easy decision because there are pros and cons to each choice. Then, of course, everyone … Continued

5 Tips for Homebuyers in Pleasantville Struggling to Find a Home

Currently, homebuyers in Pleasantville and most markets are struggling to find a home in their price range that meets their needs. Consider, for example, that 32% of home buyers have been shopping for a home at least six months while 24% have been shopping for longer than a year. Compare that to only two short years ago, … Continued

4 Ways An Offer is Accepted When Buying a House in Pleasantville

The economy certainly isn’t in good shape; however that hasn’t dampened the housing market for recent sellers. Inventory remains extremely low and buyers are plentiful due to current interest rates. This means sellers are in the driver’s seat and can be picky with offers because, most of the time, they will get multiple offers. So … Continued

The Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgages in Pleasantville

You have probably seen all those ads for reverse mortgages with all their irresistible appeal. A reverse mortgage can provide some much-needed financial relief for older homeowners struggling to meet expenses. However, there are some drawbacks and they aren’t always the best cure for money problems. If you’re considering a reverse mortgage, you should carefully … Continued